Membership Information

Our plane is located at Concord Airport (CCR) on the east ramp in the Bravo shade hangers.

Anyone with an interest in joining the 184 Flying Club can use the contact form on this site to request more information or an application.

  • Full Membership
    Initiation Fee: $1000. Full Voting Rights

A full membership can be applied for regardless of whether the applicant is still a student pilot or already holds a license.

The initiation fee is due at time of application. Every month you will be billed for dues and flying time, if flown. You are encouraged to use the airplane as often as you like, but do not use it if you cannot pay your bill.

Upon membership acceptance, and each January thereafter, you are required to submit, if you have one, a copy of your pilot's license, current medical certificate, and a copy of your logbook showing your latest biennial flight review or rating. You are also required to attend a membership meeting prior to your application being voted on by the Board Of Directors.

When you are accepted into membership, you will be oriented to the clubs rules and regulations, the airplane, the method of scheduling, and your responsibilities for the safety and efficient operation of the airplane.

Certified Flight Instructors used by club members must be approved by the Club Board Of Directors before they can instruct in the Club's airplane.

Monthly Dues / Hourly Rates subject to change